Palazzo San Giorgio and its Beautiful Facade

beautiful paintings on the facade of Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa

balcony and beautiful paintings on the facade of Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa

decoration on facade of Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa

Palazzo San Giorgio is the headquarters of the Port Authority of Genoa since 1904. The building was constructed in 1260 by Guglielmo Boccanegra, uncle of Simone Boccanegra, the first Doge of Genoa. For a long period of time the palace was occupied by the Banca di San Giorgio, which managed the finances of the Republic of Genoa.

The most famous resident of the Palazzo San Giorgio was Venetian explorer Marco Polo, when a prison was located inside the building. Tradition has it that during this time he dictated his travels to his cellmate Rustichello da Pisa and that they turned it into the book "The Travels of Marco Polo".

View location in Genoa, Italy.
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