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Malbork Castle: the Largest Castle in the World

Malbork Castle is one of the most impressive castles I visited so far and one of Poland's most important historical sites. It is located...

Bokrijk Open Air Museum

Bokrijk's Open Air Museum in Belgium lets you experience how life was on the Flemish countryside in the past. The museum has over hundre...

Bergwaldpfad in Ziegelwies

Beside having an Auwaldpfad , the Walderlebniszentrum in Ziegelwies also has a Bergwaldpfad (Mountain Forest Trail) for children. This path ...

Olmen Zoo During the Winter

A visit to the zoo with children is always a great idea. During the winter you can buy tickets for Olmen Zoo at reduced price. Until the las...

Auwaldpfad in Ziegelwies

The Auwaldpfad (River Forest Trail) is part of the Walderlebniszentrum in Ziegelwies, Germany. The trail is 1,5 km long and has lots of acti...