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Holiday Park Westerbergen in Drenthe

Holiday Park Westerbergen is located in the province of Drenthe, in the Netherlands. The park offers a camping and bungalow homes surrounde...

Nature and Sports Centre Schulensmeer

The Schulensmeer is a lake located in Lummen and Herk-de-Stad in the province of Limburg, Belgium. It is a starting point for lots of activi...

Golden Gate in Gdansk

Gdansk's Golden Gate stands at one end of the Long Street (Ulica Długa) in the Main Town. The gate was designed by Abraham van den Bloc...

Hiking in Pijnven Forest in Hechtel-Eksel

Pijnven forest is located in Hechtel-Eksel and is part of Bosland, the largest adventure forest in Flanders, Belgium. The forest is a great ...

President Ronald Reagan Park in Gdansk, Poland

The President Ronald Reagan Park in Gdansk commemorates the role of the former U.S. president in the fall of communism in Poland. Together w...

Indoor Playground Allgäulino in Germany

Allgäulino is a large indoor playground, situated in the region of Bavaria in Germany. The playground is a great place for children from 3 t...