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Olmen Zoo During the Winter

A visit to the zoo with children is always a great idea. During the winter you can buy tickets for Olmen Zoo at reduced price. Until the las...

Auwaldpfad in Ziegelwies

The Auwaldpfad (River Forest Trail) is part of the Walderlebniszentrum in Ziegelwies, Germany. The trail is 1,5 km long and has lots of acti...

Pinswang: an Alpine Village in Tyrol

Pinswang is a lovely alpine village in the northern part of Tyrol in Austria. It lies on the border with Bavaria in Germany and is an excell...

Tongerlo Abbey in Westerlo

Tongerlo Abbey was founded in 1128 by Giselbert of Kasterlee in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Visiting the abbey is completely free, yo...

The Our Lady Tree of Lummen: Belgian Tree of the Year 2018

The Our Lady Tree (Onze Lieve Vrouwe Beuk) of Lummen is the Belgian Tree of the Year 2018. This red beech tree is located on a small mound i...

European Solidarity Centre: an Impressive Museum in Gdansk

The European Solidarity Centre has one of the best museums I've ever visited and is a must-see when travelling to Gdansk. Inside the bui...