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Cliffs at Etretat in France

Cliffs at Etretat

The cliffs at Etretat are part of the Alabaster coast in France. In this seaside town you can have a great view of the white cliffs and the natural archways that reach out into the sea.


Legoland Billund

Legoland opend in 1968 in Billund, a town in Denmark that was the birthplace of Lego. It's the second largest tourist attraction in Denmark.

Cubic Houses in Rotterdam

Cubic Houses Rotterdam

Designed by Piet Blom in 1984, the cubic houses are one of the most famous buildings in the world. The 32 houses are tilted 45 degrees, contain 3 floors and have a total area of 100 square metres.


Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is one of Gaudí's masterpieces in Barcelona. It was built in 1877 and was completely refurbished between 1904 and 1906.



Manarola is part of the Cinque Terre in the Italian region of Liguria. The Cinque Terre consists of five villages located on the cliffs at the Mediterranean coast.

Lechfall in Füssen

The Lechfall is a small man-made waterfall located in Füssen, Germany. It was created by a 7m high dam with five tiers. The waterfall is very popular for the beautiful views and clear water which flows into the small gorge. The best place to see the waterfall and gorge is from the Maxsteg, the bridge crossing the Lech.

view on waterfall from bridge

fence where people can put a lock on the bridge

water flowing from waterfall into a gorge

waterfall with mountains and clear water

Location: Tiroler Straße(Maxsteg bridge), Füssen, Germany.

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Beautiful Nature Along The River Lech

The River Lech is situated in Austria and Germany. It's source is located in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and flows after a distance of 255 km later in the Danube. The banks of the Lech are covered with pebbles, togheter with the blue water and the Alps it forms a fantastic natural beauty.

Beautiful blue water with pebbles and Alps

Lech River in Austria with bridge and trees

big stones next to river with blue water

sunset at Lech River in Austria

Location: Lech River, Pinswang, Austria.

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Neuschwanstein, A Fairytale Castle

view on Neuschwanstein Castle from Marienbrücke

view on Neuschwanstein Castle

close up of Neuschwanstein Castle

close up of Neuschwanstein Castle

building in inner courtyard of Neuschwanstein Castle

paintings on wall of Neuschwanstein Castle

kitchen in Neuschwanstein Castle

kitchen in Neuschwanstein Castle

statue on wall of Neuschwanstein Castle

view on Neuschwanstein Castle from Hohenschwangau

view on Neuschwanstein Castle from Marienbrücke

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most famous castles in the world and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Europe.

The 19th century castle was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria and built on the ruins of 2 previous castles that once stood here. The king was inspired by the castle of Wartburg and Château de Pierrefonds. He built Neuschwanstein Castle in honor of his friend Richard Wagner. Some rooms in the castle contains characters from Wagner's opera. The design of the castle was drawn by stage designer Christian Jank, architect Eduard Riedel realized the project.

Construction of Neuschwanstein Castle started in 1869. When King Ludwig II died in june 1886 it was not completed. At that time some rooms and buildings were undertaken a more simplified construction.

When visiting the castle you'll have to park the car at Hohenschwangau and then walk to the castle. This steep walk can take up to 40 minutes. It's also possible to take a horse carriage which will bring you close to the castle. It's recommended to reserve your tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle in advance to reduce waiting time. Tickets can be picked up at the visitor centre in Hohenschwangau. Taking pictures of the inside of the castle is not allowed during the tour.

The best place to take pictures of  Neuschwanstein Castle is from Marienbrücke(Marien Bridge). But keep in mind that it can be a bit crowded on the bridge because it's a very popular place.

Location: Neuschwansteinstraße 20, 87645 Schwangau, Germany.

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