The Grund in luxembourg City

The Grund is one of the oldest parts in the centre of Luxembourg City. It is located below the city on the banks of the Alzette river. A great way to discover this beautiful quarter is by taking the Wenzel walking tour that will also bring you to other beautiful places in the city. The Grund is popular for its nightlife and was added to the Unesco World Heritage list.

ruins in the Grund in Luxembourg

view of lower part of the Grund and old walls in Luxembourg

colourful houses in the Grund in Luxembourg

view of houses and river in Luxembourg Grund

view of houses and river in Luxembourg Grund

houses on river banks in the Grund in Luxembourg

old walls in Luxembourg Grund

old viaduct Luxembourg Grund

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Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

We're a family of five from the picturesque scenery of Belgium. Come along with us as we share stories from our journeys so far. And if you're curious about any of the places we've visited, don't hesitate to ask. Your dream European getaway is within reach, and we're here to make it extraordinary!


marina villatoro said...

Luxembourg is one of the loveliest, littliest cities I'd ever visited.

Marjorie S. Sardella said...

cWe discovered the City of Luxembourg in mid autumn this past year. Such an amazingly beautiful, walkable, and incredibly surprising city.

As a professional photographer, my head and camera lenses were spinning!

Thought this was a “once only” visit, but now we know we shall return. Can’t wait!

Marjorie S. Sardella
Beaux Regards Photographic Art
Franklin, Massachusetts
Visited late September 2012

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