Vaduz, Liechtenstein: Capital of the Sixth-Smallest Country in the World

vineyard and mountains in Vaduz

red house in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

tourist office

lying person statue

parliament building vaduz

parliament building vaduz

main shopping street in Vaduz

statue of horse

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Cathedral of St. Florin

townhall of Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz is the capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein, the sixth-smallest country in the world. The city is located along the Rhine River, near the border with Switzerland. Vaduz has about 5000 inhabitants and is actually the second biggest city of Liechtenstein, the largest city is Schaan.

The most important landmark of the capital is Vaduz Castle. This castle dates back to the 12th century and is located on a hill overlooking the city. Today the castle houses the royal family of Liechtenstein, Vaduz Castle is not open for visitors.

Other important landmarks in Vaduz are the Art Museum, the Red House, the Cathedral of St. Florin and the Parliament Building.

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