C-Mine Genk: a Former Mine Site

Once an active coal mine, C-mine has transformed today into a creative centre with lots of activities to do. Mining activity started in 1917, at its height, the mine employed 6250 miners. The high cost of coal production resulted in closing the mine in 1988.

info desk of mine museum

Some of the original buildings can still be seen and visited today. The main building - the Energy Building - houses the visitor centre. Here you can start a tour through the building and learn more of its history. Highlight is a visit to the mine shaft, offering a beautiful panorama at a height of more than 60 m. Have a look at my post about my visit to the C-mine expedition here.

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On the site of C-mine you can also find restaurants, an indoor playground, a culture centre, a cinema and various other businesses.

Location: Evence Coppeelaan 91, 3600 Genk, Belgium.

view platform in old mine shaft

mine shaft and ruine of mine building

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