Highline 179: Spectacular Footbridge in Austria

Located in Reutte, Austria, Highline 179 is one of the longest span footbridges in the world. With a length of 406m and a height of 114m, the bridge connects the ruins of Ehrenberg Castle and Fort Claudia. The metal footpath of Highline 179 is 1,2 wide and you can see straight down below, you'll also notice that it slightly moves. The name of the bridge comes from highway 179 that runs under it.

When it opened in 2014, Highline 179 was the longest span Tibet-style suspension bridge in the world. In 2017 its first place was taken by the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge which opened then in Randa, Switzerland.

Tickets for Highline 179 can be purchased at the visitor centre below or from the machine at the bridge. Remember that it is a steep walk to the top but is rewarded with beautiful views.

Location: Klause 1, 6600 Reutte, Austria.

view of Highline 179 from down below

view of Highline 179 from Ehrenberg Castle

view of Highline 179 when walking on footpath

looking down below from Highline 179 in Reutte

looking down below from Highline 179 in Reutte

view of Highline 179 from Fort Claudia side

view of Highline 179 and Ehrenberg Castle

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