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The Rock of Cashel

view of Rock of Cashel

ruins of Rock of Cashel

ruins of Rock of Cashel

round tower of Rock of Cashel

ruins of Rock of CashelHigh on a hill in Cashel you can see these ruin of the cathedral, the Round Tower and Cormac's chapel. One of Ireland's best tourist attractions. Not so far from the Rock of Cashel(5 to 10 minutes walk) you can see the ruins of Hore Abbey(photos below).

ruins of Hore Abbey

Hore Abbey

Hore Abbey

View location in Cashel, Ireland


Oh dear, I love your pictures from Ireland. Couldn't believe it's the same place I've been to in 1985! Easy to see why when one compares yours with what I posted in Revival 70s&80s...
Have a great weekend and thanks for your comment on the Brel post!

I never knew that Ireland is a beautiful country :) It's amazing!

I love these photos and hope some day to see these places in person!