Het Steen, Castle in Antwerp

view of the castle

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Het Steen

Lange WapperHet Steen (the stone) is the oldest building in Antwerp, it was build between 1200-1225. It is called "Het Steen" because it was one of the first buildings in stone. The castle was renovated numerous times and had different functions. From 1549 it was used as a prison until 1823, from 1862 it was an archaeological museum. Until the end of 2008 the National Navigation Museum was here.

On the last photo you can see the statue of a legendary giant called "Lange Wapper". It was made in 1963 and stands in front of the castle. The Lange Wapper can make himself so big that he can move to another city with one giant leap. He uses tricks to approach women to get their breast milk. He annoys drunken people, cheats while playing with children and laughs like the devil.

View location in Antwerp, Belgium
Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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