Marktplatz Cochem

Town Hall

half-timbered houses on the marktplace

Martin's Fountain

halt-timbered houses

Cafe on marktplaceThe Marketplace in Cochem is surrounded by beautiful half-timbered houses and the Baroque styled Town Hall(1st photo) that was built in 1739. On the third photo you can see the Martin's Fountain with some colourful houses in the background.

Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Mandy said...

:) I always have to google the places you talk about - it is so cool! I love this little town square - it reminds me of Christmas for some reason.

Jackie said...

My son-in-law fell in love with Germany when he was in the regular Army.

He has plans to take my daughter over and show her all of the beautiful sites.

These are wonderful shares. Thank you so much!!

GMG said...

Hi Juka!
This is wonderful! Great Moselle...

Blogtrotter is leaving Iceland, but before departing it shows you the incredible Blue Lagoon. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

Jade said...

A typically German town. I love it!

Jimmy Seville said...

Cool place to visit on vacation. Neat photography and well taken shots. I would to keep the collection of these scenes. Some of the scenery suit best as photo canvas