Tongeren: an Ancient Roman City

Tongeren is the oldest town in Belgium, it is located in the south of the Province of Limburg. It was an administrative centre of the district Tungri under the Roman rule. In the Gallo Roman Museum in the centre of Tongeren you can learn more of its Roman history.

Statue of Ambiorix in TongerenBefore the Romans came, this area was inhabited by the Eburones, a belgic tribe. Ambiorix was the leader of the Eburones and give the legions of Julius Caesar the biggest defeat in their conquest of Gaul. His statue in on the square in front of the Basilica in Tongeren.

town hall of TongerenThe town hall of Tongeren.

medieval wall in TongerenRemains of the medieval wall, built in the 13th century.

Moerenpoort city gate in TongerenThe Moerenpoort city gate, now houses an arms museum.

Clothmaker's tower in Tongeren

Clothmaker's tower in TongerenThe Clothmaker's tower, close to the beguinage in Tongeren.

Julianus Shopping centre in Tongeren

Julianus Shopping centre in TongerenJulianus Shopping centre

De Motten in TongerenMunicipal park De Motten

Velinx Tower in Tongeren The Velinx tower, part of the medieval wall.

medieval wall in Tongeren

medieval wall in Tongeren

statue Flavius Claudius Julianus in TongerenStatue of Flavius Claudius Julianus, Roman Emporer from 360 to 26 June 363.

Explore Tongeren by a town walk and see the most important historical attractions and tourist sights. Just follow the bronze rivets in the road surface. This route is called the Ambiorix route, it's 4,5 km long and highly recommended. You can also take the Ambiorix tourist train to see Tongeren, this tour takes 45 minutes.

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