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Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock, Prague

astronomical dial, prague

calender dial, prague

Vanity and Avarice

Death and the Turk

chronicler and angel

astronomer and philosopherPrague's Astronomical Clock is the most popular attraction on the Old Town Square. The clock was constructed by Mikuláš z Kadaně and Jan Šindel in the 15th century. It has three main components, the astronomical dial which represents the position of the Sun and Moon, a calendar dial which stands for the months and "The Walk of the Apostles" which shows a procession of the Apostles on an hourly basis.
The 8 figures around the clock where added later. On the main dial are 4 animated figures: Vanity admiring himself in the mirror, Avarice waving a bag of money, Death ringing the bell and a Turk shaking his head.
Around the calender dial are 4 figures which are not animated. They are a chronicler, an angel, an astronomer and a philosopher.

View location in Prague, Czech Republic.


This clock is fantabulous!!

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