Jelling Stones, Runestones in Denmark

two Jelling Stones

biggest of the runestones

smaller and oldest of the Jelling Stones

white chapel in the centre of the site

burial mound and white chapel

inside white chapel

inside white chapel

paper of world heritage site

The Jelling stones are two massive runestones standing in Jelling, Denmark, between two large mounds. The site symbolizes the creation of a unified Denmark and the introduction of Christianity there.

The older Jelling stone is erected by King Gorm in memory of his wife Thyra around the year 950. King Harald Bluetooth erected the larger of the two Jelling stones around the year 965 in memory of his parents, Gorm and Thyra. The inscription on the large stone also gives an account of Harald’s achievements. He unified Denmark and made the Danes Christian.

The burial mounds are said to have been those of King Gorm and his wife Thyra. Yet archaeological excavations and research shows that only the North mound contains a burial chamber. It is possible that this chamber once held the bones of Gorm the Old, bones that later have been found underneath Jelling Church.

located just across the large monument area lies Kongernes Jelling, a viking experience centre. Here you can learn about the Danish kings, from Gorm the Old to the present royal family, explore Jelling of the Viking Age and learn more about the Jelling stones.

Location: 7300 Jelling, Denmark.

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