Dreiländereck Pinswang: Perfect for Hiking and Cycling

The Dreiländereck (tripoints) in Pinswang is situated on the Schwarzenberg, a mountain with a height of 1200 m. At the top is a landmark where in 1800 was the border of the County of Tyrol, the Prince-Bishopric of Augsburg and the Electorate of Bavaria.

The path leading to the summit of the Schwarzenberg is very popular for hiking and cycling and offers great views of Pinswang and its surroundings. Starting point for this path is Hotel Gutshof zum Schluxen in Pinswang, Austria. When you reach the summit of the Schwarzenberg you'll be rewarded with a beautiful view of Füssen and the Lech River in Germany.

You can also use this route to walk to Schwangau and visit the famous Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle. Just follow the signs Fürstenweg-Königsschlössern halfway up the path. This 8 km long trail takes you along the Alpsee (lake) and ends close to the Museum of the Bavarian Kings. From here you can start your visit to Schwangau and the castles.

Location starting point: Unterpinswang (close to Hotel Gutshof zum Schluxen), 6600 Pinswang, Austria.

Cows in field close to Hotel Gutshof zum Schluxen in Pinswang

Walking path to the Dreiländereck in Pinswang

View of Pinswang from trail to Dreiländereck

View of region around Pinswang and Reutte from trail Dreiländereck

View of Pinswang from walking trail

View of region around Reutte from trail Dreiländereck

View of Füssen from top of Schwarzenberg in Pinswang

View of Füssen from Dreiländereck in Pinswang

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