Unity in Steel: The Beacon of Hope Sculpture

In the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland, stands a remarkable symbol of resilience and optimism: the Beacon of Hope statue. Crafted by renowned artist Andy Scott, this contemporary masterpiece captures the spirit of the city and its people, embodying hope for a brighter future. Unveiled in 2007 in Thanksgiving Square, the statue is a testament to Belfast's journey towards peace and reconciliation. 

Made from steel tubes and crowned with a bronzed-cast globe, the statue presents a striking figure, standing tall and proud against the backdrop of Belfast's evolving skyline. Her outstretched arms symbolize openness and welcome, inviting all who pass by to embrace the spirit of unity and progress.

The Beacon of Hope statue in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Also know as The Thing with the Ring

The Beacon of Hope is more than just a sculpture; it is a testament to Belfast's journey towards peace and reconciliation. The statue's design seamlessly incorporates architectural elements reminiscent of the original Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas, paying homage to shared values of gratitude and community. 

Since its unveiling in 2007, the Beacon of Hope has become an iconic landmark, drawing visitors and locals alike. It serves as a reminder of the city's rich history, its challenges, and its unwavering hope for a harmonious future. As the sun sets and the city lights illuminate its silhouette, the statue stands as a beacon, inspiring generations with its message of unity, resilience, and the enduring power of hope. 

Visitors from around the world are captivated by the statue's elegance and the emotions it evokes. It has become a gathering point, a place of reflection, and a symbol of Belfast's transformation. The Beacon of Hope continues to inspire conversations, encouraging people to come together, celebrate diversity, and work towards a better tomorrow.

Location: Thanksgiving Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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