Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located close to Krakow. It was one of the world's oldest operating salt mines.

It reaches down to a depth of 327 meters and is over 300 km long. To enter the mine visitors have to descend the stairs with 380 steps. Going up is more easy, here you can use the lift that brings you back up from a depth of 135 m.

The walk in the salt mine is 3,5 km long and will show you chapels cut in salt, underground lakes and many sculptures from salt. The salt mine is a must see when you are in Krakow.

Location: Jana Mikołaja Daniłowicza 10, 32-020 Wieliczka, Poland.

inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine

inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine

inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine

inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine

inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine

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Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Anonymous said...

That looks like an interesting place!
I've never been in a Salt mine.

Dori said...

Your photos gorgeous and so interesting. They are definitely beautiful places.


GMG said...

Hi Juka! 2008.08.08 is a great day for Blogtrotter. So, before I start commemorating, let me just tell you how much I appreciate your comments on my blogs! Thanks a lot!
Beautiful reportage! I was thinking of making a short tour to Warsaw and Krakow, but as I've only 6 days for it I'm not sure it will be enough... What's your opinion?
Loved to see the Zakopane pictures. Stunning!
Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Kirsten said...

That is amazing! Thanks for sharing such great pictures!

Anonymous said...

good photos