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Krakow Zoo

Krakow Zoo

Krakow Zoo

Krakow Zoo

Krakow ZooThe Zoo in Krakow is situated in the Wolski Forest on a Jurassic plateau at 345 metres above sea level. It opened in 1929 and now has nearly 1500 animals, representing about 260 species. You can see here indian elephants, hippopotamuses, white camels, sea lions, wild cats and many more.


Hi Juka! Here I am to enjoy your lovely blog on my weekly visit!
And this week we have again some wonderful pictures.
The zoo is gorgeous and the museum looks great also!
Look forward to reading you at Blogtrotter, now back in Chania!
Have a great weekend!

Awesome pictures of the Zoo. I recently ran into two girls from Poland who recommended the Krakow Zoo to me if I ever make it to Poland.

(Hopefully someday.)

Wow! Great pics! My favorite is the fish :)

Great photos. I really love that one of the tiger. One of my favorite animals.

Great pictures. I really enjoyed your whole blog!

Would love to visit the zoo! Love that fish photo!

I love the one of the tiger too. I would love one as a pet, lol.

I simply love that fish shot of yours! ;)

I am enjoying reading your article because I like to visit zoo. The photos are great. Look forward to read your interesting posts.