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The Czartoryski Museum

Czartoryski Museum

Czartoryski Museum

Czartoryski Museum

The Lady with an ErmineThis museum in Krakow is one of the oldest in Poland. The exhibits presented come from the private collection of Princess Izabella Czartoryska. The most important piece in the museum is a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci 'The Lady with an Ermine'(last photo). Another important painting is 'The Landscape with Merciful Samaritan' by Rembrandt. The museum has also some trophies of war, military equipment, ancient works of art and an Egypt exhibition with mummies. The building looks a bit old on the outside but it's worth to have a look inside.


I have seen some paintings of Leonardo in Louvre Paris. It will be interesting to see his sculpture in this polish museum. Is it a permanent exhibit or has a time frame.


that's really amazing place to see that place

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yup, you right...
this place is worth to visit for. It is not only for the good paint or other arts there, but because of its history too.

these places are lovely :) i wish i can go in these places someday


I friend who lived there told me about this place. The pictures now bring that to life. Thanks

I think the building is as beautiful as the art inside. I love the old architecture.

ahh, to have a museum like this to wander around for an hour or so would be bliss. Here in Singapore we are lacking such beauty and history.

All so beautiful place,i want visit all the place.