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The Friday Market

statue Jacob van Artevelde

Friday Market

Friday Market

Friday Market

Friday Market

Fricay Market

Ons HuisThe Vrijdagmarkt(Friday Market) is a square that played an important role in the history of Ghent. For centuries this was the place where public political and social life took place. It was here that the flemisch count had to swear their observance of the freedoms accorded to the citizens of Ghent. It was also the place where King Edward II of England was proclaimed King of France in 1340 by the guilds. It is called the Friday Market because for centuries on Fridays a market takes places here. The statue on the 3rd photo is of Jacob van Artevelde, he was a Flemish statesman and political leader.



I would love to visit Ghent. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. The architectures is awesome.

Yeah, very beautiful pictures.

How quaint, and fantastically dull weather too, just like here in North West England :)