Caen is the capital of the Lower Normandy region of France. It was William the Conqurer’s favourite city and where he married his cousin Matilda of Flanders. The city is located 238km northwest of Paris.

View from Chateau Ducal View on the Saint-Pierre Church from Château Ducal.

Maison des QuatransMaison des Quatrans opposite Château Ducal.

Rue EcuyereView on Rue Ecuyère.

Postal MuseumPostal Museum in the Rue Saint-Pierre.

Bertrand du GuesclinStatue of Bertrand du Guesclin at Place Saint-Martin.

St. Etienne ChurchThe old St. Etienne Church close to the Abbaye aux Hommes

Leroy Tower The Leroy Tower, close to the Saint-Pierre Church.

Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

We're a family of five from the picturesque scenery of Belgium. Come along with us as we share stories from our journeys so far. And if you're curious about any of the places we've visited, don't hesitate to ask. Your dream European getaway is within reach, and we're here to make it extraordinary!

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GMG said...

Hi Juka!
Sorry for the long absence! But don’t you think it was a great vacation; some very busy weeks and just a few days off... ;)
I had once (more than forty years ago) a pen pal girl from Caen; but never made it there. Great way to see it now through your lens. Great poictures!!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter is still turning around Iceland. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!