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The Monastery of Mont Saint-Michel

Monastery of Mont Saint-Michel

View from the monastery

church at the Monastery

inside the church

inside the monastery


inside the monastery

inside the monastery

statue of Saint-MichelIn the beginning of the 8th century, according to legend, Archangel Saint Michael instructed the bishop of Avranches to build a monastery on Mont Saint-Michel. The Benedictine monks settled on the rock in 966 and over the next centuries the monastery was extended.

During the French Revolution Mont Saint-Michel was used as a prison but was closed by Napoleon and returned to the pilgrims before the end of the 19th century.

The monastery is open every day except the 1st of january, the 1st of may and the 25th of december. Tickets are available at the entrance only.



Wow. Those are lovely, lovely photographs! I see it is in France?

One day I'll see this also... ;))
Wonderful pictures!!

A place I've always dreamed of going with its stunning architecture, history and location.

Such a beautiful trip! Mt St. Michel was the highlight of my
trip to Normandy. A must see in