Dinant is a Belgian city, it is located on the River Meuse in the province of Namur. The city's main landmarks are the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame and the Citadel. Dinant was also the hometown of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone.

View of Dinant

Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Mandy said...

Awesome, awesome photos! Your blog is just getting better and better!

Rajesh said...

Fantastic shots of the beautiful place. The various buildings and the rocky mountain in the background looknawesome.

GMG said...

Hi Juka!
Wow! Wonderful! Lucky guy to get it in the sun... ;))
Excelelnt shots!!

Meanwhile Blogtrotter is back to the «urban jungle», which Reykjavik is far from being... ;)). Enjoy and have a fabulous week!!

Naran Kahgan Valley said...

I am visited first time but it looks me amaze to see all the beautiful picture in your blog. Thanks for the posting. I would like to visit again and again for seeing some more nice picture in your blog.

Mark H said...

I went to Dinant on my first European trip in 1989 including visiting some nearby caves. Your photos capture the town beautifully.