Lake Como

Lake Como

Lake Como

Lake Como

Lake ComoThe great location at the foothills of the Alps and the mild climate make Lake Como a popular destination for tourists around the world. This Y-shaped lake has its origin from the Adda river in Switzerland. It's the third largest lake in Italy, After Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore and is one of the deepest in Europe. The region is also very popular with celebrities and their luxurious villas and is featured in many movies such as Ocean's Twelve and Casino Royale.

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Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Trotter said...

I see you have been travelling the marvels of Northern Italy. Superb!!

Unknown said...


Yes Como is the very poplar location especially for the celebrities, luxuries villas and also for luxury golfing holidays. For golf it is a very nice place.
Thanks for sharing these pictures and information with us


indonesia tourism said...

oh very amazing, waiting the time to visit this place :D