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The Cathedral of Pisa

Cathedral of Pisa

coffer ceiling in gold

bones of St. Ranieri

mosaic in the apse

The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral was the first building that was constructed on the Piazza dei Miracoli. Pisan architect Buscheto started construction of this masterpiece in 1063. Its architecture became a mix of Romanesque and Pisan style. The façade with grey marble and white stone was built later by Buscheto's successor, Rainaldo.

The cathedral contains the Tomb of Emperor Henry VII and the bones of St. Ranieri, Pisa's patron saint. Noteworthy are also the carved pulpit(1302-1311) by Giovanni Pisano and the beautiful mosaic in the apse, representing Christ with the Blessed Virgin and John the Evangelist.

View location in Pisa, Italy.


It's not the Duomo of Milan or Florence, but it's a superb building anyhow!!