Beautiful Architecture in Prague

Walking through the streets of Prague is a real pleasure. The mix of architecture makes Prague a great city to discover. Here is a small collection of some beautiful buildings in the centre. More great architecture can be found on my other posts.

Architecture in Prague

Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Trotter said...

Hi Juks! Wow! Wonderful; and much cleaner than when I saw it... ;)

Blogtrotter Two managed to get inside a cave and take pictures there; enjoy the mites and tites and have a great week!

TOMAS said...

Your blog greatly expands my horizons and sits me back in an awe towards the beauty of our earth. You inspire me to see our dwelling place through the eyes of love. Thank you for this rejuvenating approach. You taught Art by Tomas to rediscover what's underfoot - to see the life in the new light.