Exclusive Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo

exclusive five stars hotel in Monte-Carlo, Monaco

view of exclusive hotel with view of Port Hercules

Located next to the Monte Carlo Casino, Hôtel de Paris is the most luxurious hotel in Monaco. The hotel was built in 1864 by Charles III of Monaco and is very popular among the rich and famous. Hôtel de Paris offers the most exclusive experiences and best panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Port Hercules.

View location in Monte-Carlo, Principality of Monaco.
Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Trotter said...

Hi Juka! Probably as outrageously expensive as the Cala di Volpe... ;))

Blogtrotter Two is almost leaving Costa Smeralda. But still has some new pictures for you to enjoy!!! Drop a line and have a great week!

Luxury Italian Hotels said...

Hi Julka,
Undoubtedly Hotel de Paris is the most luxurious hotel in Monaco. The best thing about such hotels is that here you can get all the luxury things, and you can enjoy you holidays as you want (in your style). But luxurious hotel are very expensive also especially when it is a 5 star hotel.
Keep sharing the pictures they are simply awesome and looking forward to your next post :)