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Mittlere Brücke

Mittlere Brücke, Basel

Mittlere Brücke, Basel

Mittlere Brücke, Basel

The Mittlere Brücke(Middle Bridge) in Basel is located on the place where the first bridge across the Rhine was built in 1225. For centuries this was the only crossing point on the Rhine between Switzerland and the ocean. In 1905, after the introduction of the electric tram, the bridge was replaced by a stronger one. The Käppeli(chapel) in the middle of the bridge is a reminder of the first bridge.

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Hi Juka! It's a wonderful place Basel; and the bridge is unique...

Long time no see: The old Thebes (Ouaset, The Powerful) is on Blogtrotter Two waiting for you!! Enjoy and have a great Sunday and week ahead!