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Piazza de Ferrari

Piazza de Ferrari

Piazza de Ferrari[1]

Piazza de Ferrari[3]

Piazza de Ferrari[5]

Piazza de Ferrari[4]

Piazza de Ferrari[2]

The heart of Genoa, the Piazza de Ferrari, is situated between the historical and the modern centre. The square is surrounded by important buildings like the Palazzo Ducale, the Teatro Carlo Felice and the Palazzo della Borsa. In the centre of the square is an impressive bronze fountain. It was designed by Giuseppe Crosa di Vergagni in 1936 and has been restored recently.

View location in Genoa, Italy.



Wow, that fountain is really impressive! Genoa looks very polished and majestic but it looks a little too neat and tidy!

It's really really beautiful. Awesome!

I must get back to Genoa with some more time... ;)

Really impressive landmark in the heart of Genoa.