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Château de Vêves

front view of castle

Castles in Europe

room inside castle

room inside castle

room inside castle

room inside castle

inside courtyard of castle

The picturesque Château de Vêves is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the village of Celles. There has been a castle here since the time of Pepin de Herstal (670-714) but the present structure dates back to the 15th century. It has a pentagon shape surrounded by six towers of different sizes and a half-timbered gallery. Château de Vêves houses 18th century furniture and a rare porcelain collection.

View location in Celles-Houyet, Belgium.


Hi Juka! With the long weekend here in Lisbon (four days off...), I finally manage to stroll around Blogosphere...
Lovely castle!!

Blogtrotter Two is visiting some beautiful villages... Enjoy and have a splendid weekend!!

Hi Juka! Too windy to go to the beach; better surf the Net... ;)
Blogtrotter Two is waiting for you in Corsica... Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

Hi Juka! Are you on holidays?
Blogtrotter Two is touring Cap Corse... Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

building when viewed from the outside look old, but the inside looks so majestic.

It's will be better if the out side of the building have renovated.

Hi Juka! Very nice place and a very nice blog.