Jan van Eyck Square

sqaure with statue and surrounded with beautiful houses

beautiful houses on square

view on canal from Jan van Eyck Square

old houses on square

beautiful houses on square

beautiful houses on square

beautiful houses on square

This square in Bruges was named after famous 15th century Flemish painter Jan van Eyck. It's visited by many tourist for its beautiful views and the exceptional buildings surrounding the square. Most important building are the Poortersloge and the Old Toll House.

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Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Trotter said...

Hi Juka! Sorry for the absence, but these last two months have been nasty! My mother (90) was in hospital for more than three weeks and the post-surgery was hard! My father (94) seemed to be orphan while my mother was out and felt into some kind of depression... The economy is a disaster and the media only bring bad news... The € Euro is rescued every day, only to be known that it needs to be rescued again and again... What else? Well, maybe «Midnight in Paris»... The problem is that the Gil there is a different one... ;)

Bruges is fabulous!! And your pictures show!!

Blogtrotter Two wanders currently around Porto Vecchio and the beaches in the region! Enjoy and have a wonderful week ahead!

BTD said...

Wow.I must admit that first time i hear about Jan van Eyck Square but after i saw here in your post my next destination will be definitely Jan van Eyck Square.

Very good post.Keep up the good work.