Heidelberg Castle: One of Germany's Most Famous Castles

view of Heidelberg Castle from the old town

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ruins of Heidelberg Castle

tower and ruins of Heidelberg Castle

ruins of Heidelberg Castle

view on tower and old town of Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle is one of Germany's most famous and visited landmarks. It is located in the hills, overlooking the old town of Heidelberg.

The castle was constructed in the 14th century and further extended over the next 300 years. It was used as the residence of the Prince Electors until the late 16 century when French troops destroyed most parts of the castle. In 1764, it was struck by lightning leaving it permanently uninhabitable.

Heidelberg Castle can be reached on foot, by car or funicular. The departure station of the funicular is at the Kornmarkt.

Location: Schlosshof 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

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