Amusement Park and Holiday Village Slagharen

Slagharen is an amusement park situated in Slagharen, the Netherlands. It also contains a bungalow park and a water park (Aqua Mexicana)

The park is divided into six themed areas, these include Wild West, Mexican, New Orleans, Yellowstone, Jules Verne Adventureland and American Indian. Slagharen has more than 30 rides, attractions, shows and parades.

In the bungalow park you can find different types of accommodations like the Wigwam Deluxe, Cowboy Cottage, Hacienda, Raccoon Lodge and others.

Aqua Mexicana contains indoor and outdoor water attractions, 10 slides and lots of play areas for the youngest.

Location: Zwarte Dijk 37, 7776 PB Slagharen, the Netherlands.

cable ride

roller coaster

western style restaurant

swimming pool

houses of holiday village

giant wheel and cable ride

western style shops

Slagharen globe ride

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