Legoland Billund: Lego Paradise in Denmark

Legoland opend in 1968 in Billund, a small town in Denmark that was the birthplace of Lego. The park is located next to the original Lego factory and Billund Airport. After Copenhagen, Legoland Billund is the second largest tourist attraction in Denmark.

The park has more than 50 attractions divided over 9 themed areas. These are Duplo Land, Imagination Zone, Knights Kingdom, Legoredo Town, Miniland, Ninjago World, Adventure Land, Polar Land and Pirate Land. In Legoland you can also find the world's largest Lego Shop for the perfect Lego souvenirs.

Besides the amusement park, Legoland offers also a wide variety of accomodations. You can stay as pirates, princesses, knights or adventure heroes at the 4-star Hotel Legoland. At Legoland Holiday Village you can choose between spending your night in Wild West cabins, Pirate rooms, Lego Ninjago Cabins or on the camping ground. New in 2019 will be the Legoland Castle Hotel with Dragon Warrior rooms, Wizard rooms and Princess rooms.

If you're visiting and wish to stay at an other accomodation close to Legoland, you can try Lalandia Billund. This is one of Denmarks's most popular resorts.

Location: Nordmarksvej 9, 7190 Billund, Denmark.

Legoland Billund sign at entrance

miniature buildings made of lego

miniature oil rig made of lego

Legoland Billund attraction with water

firemen attraction at legoland

boats on water with buildings made of lego

dragon made of lego at Ninjago World

small boats with miniature buildings of lego

safari attraction with giraf made of lego

giant spider made of lego

monument from America made of lego

Ninjago World entrance

driving small cars at Legoland Billund

pirat attraction with water

giant indian made of lego

giant egyptian made of lego

taking pictures with batman

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