Barrage de la Gileppe: One of the Oldest Dams in Europe

view of lion and tower on dam of Gileppe

view on lake Gileppe from tower

side view of dam

river from dam of Gileppe

white tower on lake Gileppe

white tower on lake Gileppe

white tower on lake Gileppe

close up of statue of lion on dam of Gileppe

view from top of visitor centre

The Gileppe Dam was built between 1867 and 1875 and is one of the oldest in Europe. Between 1967 and 1971 the dam was increased to store 25 millons cubic metres of water. The lake is fed by the Gileppe, Louba and Soor rivers and provides electricity and water for Verviers.

At the complex you can find a panoramic viewing tower. Inside the tower is an exhibition which provides information about the history of the dam. At the top on 77 meters above the dam is also a restaurant.

The lion statue was created by artist Félix-Antoine Bouré. It is 13,5m high, weighs 130 tons, and is composed of 183 individual blocks of granite.

Location: Route de la Gileppe 55A, 4845 Jalhay, Belgium.

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