Gdansk Shipyard: the Birthplace of Solidarity

The Gdańsk Shipyard, also known as Stocznia Gdańska, stands as a pivotal site in European history. It was within these very walls that historic demonstrations ignited at the former Lenin Shipyard, laying the foundation for the birth of the Solidarity movement in 1980. Led by the indomitable Lech Wałęsa, this grassroots trade union paved the way for transformative change, ultimately culminating in Poland's first post-communist election in 1990. In a landmark victory, Lech Wałęsa emerged as the elected president, marking the definitive end of the communist regime in Poland.

Gdansk Shipyard entrance gate

Today, several significant sites associated with the uprisings and historic buildings remain accessible for visitors. Embarking on a cruise along the River Motława provides a unique perspective, offering glimpses of the shipyard's heritage. Alternatively, guided bus tours provide a comprehensive exploration of the notable structures within the shipyard's vicinity.

View of Gdansk Shipyard with cranes and ships

At the heart of the Gdańsk Shipyard stands the solemn Monument of the Fallen Shipyard Workers, an iconic tribute located at the shipyard's entrance. Adjacent to this poignant memorial, the European Solidarity Centre beckons, housing a museum with a compelling permanent exhibition. Inside, visitors are immersed in the rich narrative of Solidarity, offering detailed insights into this transformative movement that shaped Poland's history.

view of old cranes at Gdansk Shipyard

View of Gdansk Shipyard

ships in dry dock at Gdansk Shipyard

ships and crane at Gdansk Shipyard

Monument of the Fallen Shipyard Workers at the shipyard's gates in Gdansk

Location: Na Ostrowiu 15/20, 80-873 Gdańsk, Poland.
Website: Gdansk Shipyard

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