Sliding Down a Glacier on the Zugspitze in Germany

Germany's largest glacier, the Schneeferner, is located on the Zugspitze in the Bavarian Alps. This glacier was once part of the Plattachferner, a glacier which covered almost an area of 300 hectares. Today it has shrunk so much that the Schneeferner is in danger of disappearing. However everything possible is being done to preserve the glacier as long as possible.

The Zugspitze Glacier is still a popular place for skiers and snowboarders during the winter months and offers perfectly prepared slopes. During the summer months visitors can borrow a toboggan for free and slide down the glacier. It's also possible to have a glacier walk and enjoy fantastic views.

You can reach the Schneeferner by taking the glacier lifts from the top of the Zugspitze. It has an infrastructure with 2 restaurants and a sun terrace which makes it an excellent place to admire the surroundings.

Location: Schneeferner, Zugspitze, Germany.

Sliding Down a Glacier on a toboggan on the Zugspitze

view of Zugspitze and snow for sliding

restaurants close to the Schneeferner Glacier on the Zugspitze

Schneeferner Glacier on Zugspitze and clouds

church close to Schneeferner Glacier on the Zugspitze

view of restaurants close to Schneeferner Glacier on Zugspitze

glacier lifts from top of the Zugspitze to Schneeferner Glacier

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