Ehrenberg Castle Ruins in the Austrian Alps

Ehrenberg Castle, Built in 1296, is located in Reutte, in the Austrian Alps. For centuries the castle was the seat of the government for this part of Austria. It also played an important role in different wars because of a crucial trade route which passed through here from north to south.

The ruins are part of Burgenwelt Ehrenberg. This includes Fort Claudia, Schlosskopf Fortress, Ehrenberger Klause in the valley and Ehrenberg Castle.

Close to the ruins you can find Highline 179, one of the longest span footbridges in the world. The bridge connects the ruins of Ehrenberg Castle and Fort Claudia.

Location: Klause 1, 6600 Reutte, Austria.

entrance to Ehrenberg Castle in Reutte

view of tower at Ehrenberg Castle and Alps in the background

ruins of Ehrenberg Castle in Reutte

remaining wall of Ehrenberg Castle

view of ruins at Ehrenberg Castle in Austria

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view of Ehrenberg Castle from Highline 179

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