Sopot's Pier: the Longest Wooden Pier in Europe

Sopot's pier dates back to 1827 and was built by dr George Haffner. He was a doctor in Napoleon's army and founder of the first spa in Sopot. The original pier was 31.5 m, it's present shape was given in 1928 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Pier. It now stretches 511.5 m into the sea, which makes it the longest wooden pier in Europe.

Since 2011 a marina is operating at the pier's head, this can accomodate 100 boats. You can also find a restaurant here and it is a starting point for boat trips. You can chose to take a cruise on a pirate ship, take a banana boat or rent jetski's. It's also possible to take the water tram to Hel and Gdansk from here.

If you wish to walk on the pier you have to pay a small admission fee, this is used for the maintenance of the structure.

Location: Plac Zdrojowy 2, 81-723 Sopot, Poland.

Sopot's Pier, longest wooden pier in Europe

view of wooden structure of Sopot's Pier

boats at Sopot's Pier waiting for passengers

marina at Sopot's Pier in Poland

marina at Sopot's Pier in Poland

catamaran for hire at Sopot's Pier in Poland

Pirate ship and small cruise boat heading towards Sopot's Pier in Poland

close view of pirate ship heading towards Sopot's Pier in Poland

view of Sopot's Pier from viewing deck

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