Explore the Beauty of Europe on a Luxury Gulet

Gulets are wooden sailing ships, they are available for rent with a complete crew. With these ships you can discover the most beautiful places in Turkey, Italy, Montenegro, Greece and Croatia. All you have to do is enjoy the beauty, have fun and let the crew take care of everything else. They'll bring you from one amazing spot to another, prepare delicious food and take care of the cleaning.

Gulets come in all shapes and sizes, they have on average 4 to 8 cabins. The bigger and the more luxurious gulet you choose, the more crew it has. At guletexpert.com you'll receive professional advice about which gulet to choose from. They have more than 700 personally inspected vessels and a wide variety of destinations to explore. Destinations include: Dubrovnik and the Krka Waterfalls in Croatia, Bodrum and Antalya in Turkey, the Amalfi coast in Italy and the Cyclades, Sporades or Ionian islands in Greece. It's possible to combine several cruise destinations in a single week.

Cabins onboard gulets are nice and cozy and are equipped with their own bathroom. Each bathroom has a toilet and a shower. The more quality the gulet, the bigger the cabins and the better toilet and shower. Cabins have double or twin beds and enough room to store your luggage.

When you charter a Gulet you also get a chef that prepares your food. Let him know your preferences, particular dietary choices, and any allergies, and he will create a personalised, delicious daily menu. You have different menu categories and options you can choose from. You will not be hungry, no matter which menu you select. The main difference is in the variety, quality, and service of food. You eat on the back end of the gulet, always in the shade and overlooking the sea and other nice locations and bays.

A gulet is a great way to escape the crowds and explore places all in the privacy of your own group. You can swim in paradisiacal locations, have the best foot on deck and enjoy the most magical sunsets over the sea.

Find a vessel that suites your needs at guletexpert.com and let them arrange your dream holiday.

Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

We're a family of five from the picturesque scenery of Belgium. Come along with us as we share stories from our journeys so far. And if you're curious about any of the places we've visited, don't hesitate to ask. Your dream European getaway is within reach, and we're here to make it extraordinary!

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