Experience the Second Steepest Funicular in the World

Those who are seeking for a thrill will have a great time at the second steepest funicular in the world. The Gelmerbahn in Guttannen, Switzerland, has an inclination of 106% and will bring you to the magnificent Gelmersee Lake. Originally the funicular was used to help with the construction of the Gelmer dam. It began operating in 1926, in 2001 it was converted into a tourist attraction. For an extra adrenaline rush, the first row is highly recommended. Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery while travelling to the top.

The bottom station of the Gelmerbahn is located at 1412m above sea level. During a 10 min ride, the funicular takes you on a 1028m long track to the top station at 1860m above sea level. It travels at a speed of 2 meters per second.

Until 16 December 2017, the Gelmerbahn was the steepest funicular in the world. On that day the Stoos funicular opened and became first with an inclination of 110%.

Useful tip: The ticket booth for the Gelmerbahn is not equipped with a restaurant. If you haven't purchased a ticket in advance, waiting times can be a few hours in the summer season. At that moment you can go to Hotel Handeck for a meal. This hotel and restaurant can be reached by the Handeck suspension bridge which is located at the Gelmerbahn.

Location Gelmerbahn: Am Grimselpass, 3864 Guttannen, Switzerland.
Location Handeck Hotel: Grimselstrasse, 3864 Guttannen, Switzerland.

Website Gelmerbahn: www.grimselwelt.ch/en/transport-lift/gelmer

The red Gelmerbahn,  Second Steepest Funicular in the World

View from the Gelmerbahn going to the top

View from the Gelmerbahn looking down

View from the Gelmerbahn going to the top

View from the top of the Gelmerbahn

Stunning views from the Gelmerbahn

People taking pictures from the Gelmerbahn

View of Gelmerbahn going to the top

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