Experience a Day Full of Adventure at Bellewaerde

Bellewaerde is a popular theme park located in the town of Ieper, Belgium. It first opened in 1954 and has since become a beloved destination for families and thrill-seekers alike. The park is home to a range of attractions, including thrilling roller coasters, fun-filled water rides, and interactive shows. 

In addition to its rides and attractions, Bellewaerde also has an animal park with more than 20 different animal species. Including a savannah where visitors can see zebras and giraffes up close. There is also a petting farm where children can get up close and personal with a variety of animals.

And for even more fun and relaxation, head to the new Bellewaerde Aquapark. In this family water park you will find a children's pool, exciting slides and splash fountains. But also saunas and jacuzzis. You will find the new Aquapark along the entrance of Bellewaerde. Tickets for access to the water park must be purchased separately, or you can buy a combi ticket for Bellewaerde Park and Bellewaerde Aquapark.

Location Bellewaerde: Meenseweg 497, 8902 Ieper, Belgium.

Rollercoaster in Bellewaerde, located in Ieper, Belgium

attraction in Bellewaerde, Ieper, Belgium

water adventure in Bellewaerde, Ieper

Rollercoaster in Bellewaerde in Ieper, Belgium

water attraction in Bellewaerde in Ypres

flamingos in Bellewaerde in Ypres

animal park in Bellewaerde in Ypres

animal park in Bellewaerde in Ypres

arena in Bellewaerde in Ypres

Savannah in Bellewaerde in Ieper, Belgium

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