Fortress of Memories: The Fort of Huy's Tale

Nestled along the Meuse River in Huy, Belgium, the Fort of Huy holds a history that spans generations and embodies the complex tapestry of Europe's past. Built between 1818 and 1823 by the Dutch, it was intended as a strategic military bastion but never saw military action. 

View of the Fort of Huy from the Roi Baudouin Brige

Over the years, the fort underwent various transformations. It served as a political prison in 1848, changed ownership between the state and the town of Huy, and was reintegrated into the defensive system during World War I. 

View from the top of the fort of Huy

However, the fort's darkest chapter unfolded during World War II. From 1940 to 1944, it became a harrowing detention camp, incarcerating over 7,000 individuals, mainly political prisoners and hostages. Under the administration of Commandant Frimberger, it symbolized the cruelty of the Nazi concentration camp universe. 

Prison cells in the Fort of Huy

Today, the Fort of Huy stands as a place of remembrance and education. Its museum area vividly portrays the living conditions of prisoners and the struggles of the local population during the Nazi occupation. The fort's rooms resonate with the poignant testimonies of those who endured this painful period, and a video shares the voices of firsthand witnesses. 

Sanitair room in the Fort of Huy

Chapel inside the Fort of Huy

Furthermore, the fort offers educational activities, focusing on World Wars knowledge and citizenship education, ensuring that future generations learn from history's painful lessons. 

View from the top of the Fort of Huy

Sleeping room inside the Fort of Huy

The Fort of Huy is a somber yet resilient testament to the human capacity to adapt and remember. It reminds us of the importance of preserving history's memories to build a more compassionate future.

View from the top of the Fort of Huy and the Meuse River

Walls of the Fort of Huy

Location: Chaussée de Napoléon, Huy, Belgium.
Website: Fort of Huy
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