Rynek Krakowski

Town Hall Tower Town Hall Tower.

Cloth HallCloth Hall with the St. Mary's Basilica in the back.

Horse-drawn cabsHorse-drawn cabs

monument of Adam MichiewiczAdam Mickiewicz monument, a famous Polish poet.

Church of St. WojciechChurch of St. Wojciech.

Cloth Hall Cloth Hall.

St. Mary's BasilicaSt Mary's Basilica.

Krakow main marketRynek krakowski is the main market in Krakow and the largest(200 x 200 m) medieval town square in Europe. It is located on the coronation route, between the Barbican of Krakow and the Wavel Castle. You can find some great buildings here like the Cloth Hall and St. Mary's Basilica. It's a nice place to sit down on one of the terraces and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also take one of the horse-drawn cabs that are waiting for you on the square and see some beautiful tourist attractions in Krakow.

Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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The Success said...

Nice place...
I wish I can go there

The Success

Anonymous said...

European Markets are the best. They're so much fun to browse through on nice sunny days.

Don't see them much here over in the US.

Curtis W. Jackson said...

Your composition of your photos of buildings is noteworthy. And your writing is nicely descriptive and informative.
I will work on this with my own writing on my blogs. May you continue to have fine success, I look forward to visiting again.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, reminds me of renaissance times.

Unknown said...

Very nice.
I recognise some photos from those of a friend.
He enjoyed being there so much that he went back this summer.
People are very friendly he said.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

good shot at good places...