Wawel Castle, Former Residence of the Polish Rulers

Castles in Europe

Wawel Cathedral

Wawel Cathedral

Castles in Europe

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle

Wawel CastleWawel is situated on a limestone rock, 228 above sea level, on the bank of the Vistula river in Krakow. Here you can find Wawel Cathedral and next to it the Wawel Castle. It was the residence of Polish rulers but now is a national cultural institution. There are four parts you can visit in Wawel: the Representative State Rooms, Royal Private Apartments, Crown Treasury with Armoury and the Cathedral. You have to buy tickets for each part you want to visit and you can't take any photos inside. Wawel Hill is close to the centre of Krakow, on walking distance from the main square.

Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Karen said...

What country is that in? It looks beautiful.

Mike Golch said...

cool. thanks for sharing the photos.

Nilz said...

These photos are cool, but wish each photo would follow a brief title right at its bottom. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these photos, they are beautiful!

Take care..


The Commentator said...

Nice shots. What camera/film do you use?

Bling It said...

very sweet, thanks for sharing.

Miah Laborte said...

wow very nice photos... and places too! :)

Arjoona said...

nice works...

Chris said...

Europe never ceases to amaze me. It's something about the architecture I guess. Everything in the US always looks so...modern & new.

Laane said...

Very nice.
Did you take the photos yourself?

Have a nice day!

huey mei said...

nice place...thanks for your beautiful pic

juka14 said...

Hi Karen, these photos are from Krakow, that is in the south east of Poland.

Hi commentator, we use a Fuji camera to take the photos.

Hi Laane, all photos are taken by my wife and me.