Churches in Krakow

When you have a walk in Krakow you'll notice that there are a lot of churches. On the next photos you can see a few of them.

church in Krakow The St. Andrew church, built between 1079-1098.

church in Krakow Transfiguration church, built from 1718-1728.

church in Krakow
church in KrakowSt. Ann's church, built in the 14th century.

church in Krakow
church in KrakowChurch of St. Martin, built between 1637-1640.

church in Krakow
church in Krakow
church in KrakowThe Dominicans Church, built in the 13th century.

church in Krakow
church in Krakow
church in KrakowThe Franciscan Church, built in the 12th century.

church in KrakowSt. Mary's Basilica, built in 1287-1320.

church in KrakowThe Church of St. Peter and Paul, built between 1596-1619
Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Wizardress said...

Beautiful! I love churches.

Have a great weekend!

Stan J said...

Thanks for this. I might be off to Poland on business soon. I will have to visit these beautiful churches.

The Midnight Writer 1 said...

Wow! Amazing and beautiful churches. Some of them leave me breathless while others leave me wanting to know about them. You gave me a wonderful idea. A blog about historical churches and ancient architecture. Give me some time, I'll develop that idea.

verabear said...

Did you take all these pictures of those beautiful churches? It must be nice to be somewhere where you can just walk up to them.

juka14 said...

Hi verabear, i took all these pictures of the churches. You can see so many churches in Krakow when you have a walk in the centre. Some of them are really very beautiful inside.

santosh pandey said...

Really great place to visit. beautiful churches

Anand Jage said...

absolutely beautiful!!!!