Porto Antico: the Old Port in Genoa

Old Port in Genoa with Yachts

view of Genoa from the old port

view on sea and boat

view on yachts and sea in Genoa

beautiful yachts in old port in Genoa

beautiful yachts in old port in Genoa

beautiful yachts in old port in Genoa

Redesigned by Renzo Piano in 1992, Porto Antico has become a popular tourist attraction in Genoa. Highlights in the old port are Bigo with the ice skating rink, the Biosphere, the "Neptune" Galleon, and the Aquarium, which is one of the biggest in Europe.
Porto Antico is also a great place for a walk along the sea, enjoy the beautiful views and have a look at fantastic yachts.

View location in Genoa, Italy.
Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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Mandy said...

Oh! these photos are really gorgeous and have made me a little more keen to see Genoa.

Jim said...

wow, it does look amazing there - just look at the size of some of the yachts!

Trotter said...

Hi Juka! Wonderful!! And the sun was shining...

The most magnificent temple of Ancient Egypt is on Blogtrotter Two waiting to be seen!! Enjoy and have a great week!