The Dar Pomorza: a Legendary Polish Sailing Ship

The "Dar Pomorza" (Gift of Pomerania) is a Polish three-masted sailing ship stationed at the Kościuszki Square in Gdynia. She was built in 1909 in Hamburg as a training ship for the German merchant maritime school. After the First World War the ship was taken by the French to Saint Nazaire. Here she stayed a few years but plans to use the ship were never fulfilled.

In 1929 the ship was bought by the Pomeranian National Fleet Committee and brought to Gdynia in Poland in June 1930. Here she was given to the State Maritime School in Gdynia and became a training ship for the next 51 years. On the 15 September 1981 the "Dar Pomorza" undertook her last voyage to the Finnish harbour of Kotka. On 4 August 1982 she was decommissioned and replaced by the "Dar Młodzieży" as a training ship. Since that time the "Dar Pomorza" is part of the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk and now is a museum ship.

Location: al. Jana Pawła II, Gdynia, Poland.

The Dar Pomorza in Gdynia, Poland

Pirate sitting next to The Dar Pomorza

Deck of The Dar Pomorza in Gdynia, Poland

Legendary Polish Sailing Ship The Dar Pomorza in Gdynia

Polish Sailing Ship The Dar Pomorza in Poland

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