ORP Błyskawica: Polish Battleship in the Second World War

The ORP Błyskawica is a Polish battleship which fought in the Second World War. This Grom-class destroyer was built in 1935-1936 by J. Samuel White at Cowes in Great Britain. She is the only ship in the Polish Navy awarded with the Virtuti Militari, Poland's highest military order for gallantry.

This Polish battleship is now stationed at the Kościuszki Square in Gdynia, next to the Dar Pomorza. Today the ORP Błyskawica is the oldest preserved destroyer in the world and can be visited as a museum ship.

Location: al. Jana Pawła II, Gdynia, Poland.

ORP Błyskawica, Polish Battleship in Gdynia

Polish destroyer ORP Błyskawica

Weapons on Grom-class destroyer ORP Błyskawica in Gdynia

Polish flag on the ORP Błyskawica, battleship in Gdynia

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