The Magnificent Sint-Anna Tunnel in Antwerp

The St Anna Tunnel is located in Antwerp beneath the Scheldt River, it connects the newer part of the city with the older part. The tunnel was constructed between 1931 and 1933, it can only be used by pedestrians and cyclists. 

St Anna Tunnel underneath the Scheldt River in Antwerp

Originally there were plans to build a bridge over the river. But this would have hindered the many ships sailing the waterway. Eventually in 1931 a decision was made in favour of a tunnel. 

wooden escalators of the Sint Anna Tunnel in Antwerp

The St. Anna Tunnel is 572 m long and is located at a depth of 31.57m (103.57612 feet). The beautiful wooden staircase and escalator, which date back to 1931, are still very much in use. Since 1997, the tunnel, staircase and buildings are listed as a protected monument. When visiting Antwerp, don't forget to pay a visit to this special tunnel. 

wooden escalators of the Sint Anna Tunnel in Antwerp

- entrance left bank: Frederik van Eedenplein
- entrance right bank: Sint-Jansvliet

information on the tiles of the Sint Anna Tunnel in Antwerp

Wall Plaque Sint Anna Tunnel

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