Hasselt is the capital of the province of Limburg in Belgium. It's located about 85 km from Brussels and Antwerp.

Paardenkracht Paardenkracht(Horse Power), made by Jan Desmarets.

Drugstore_Main Market

Wembley_Main Market

't SweertThis house above is called 't Sweert (the sword), one of the oldest timbered houses in the Low Countries. It was built in 1462 and renovated in 1659, it now houses a pharmacy.

BorrelmannekeStatue of the Borrelmanneke, a symbol for the Genever industry in Hasselt. During the annually Geneverfeesten real Genever comes out of this fountain.

Batopillo_Panamerenko Batopillo, made by Panamerenko.

Virga Jesse Basilica The Virga Jesse Basilica, constructed in 1727-1728.

Heilig PaterkeThe sacred little father, he entered the Franciscan order and practised his priestly ministry in Hasselt for 50 years. He died on January 1st 1905, his body is entombed in this building.


Quitinus CathedralSt.-Quentin's Cathedral. The lower part is a reminder of a Romanesque church that stood here during the 12th century. As from 1250 this church was transformed in Gothic style. The steeple of the tower dates from 1725.




Beguinage in Hasselt The Beguinage of Hasselt.

View location of Hasselt, Belgium.
Jurgen Huibers
Jurgen Huibers

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